Magical Beach Wedding Entertainment

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Beach weddings are popular across the Philippines, Thailand, Bali and many other parts of Asia.

Weddings on the beach can require a different style of entertainment compared to those held in conventional venues.

In general, groups of guests at a beach wedding can often get a little more broken up as there’s a large space for people to explore. You may find that your guests congregate in areas of shade which may not have been where you planned. Many will take opportunities in this environment to take photos of themselves in their gowns around your beautiful natural venue. It can be difficult to curate entertainment in an open space like that.

So it’s times like this that ROVING entertainment can be a real benefit. A wedding magician (performing what’s sometimes called close-up magic, table magic or mix and mingle magic) can work extremely well. Here’s why:


5 ways a magician can make your beach wedding extra special

  1. It’s UNUSUAL

    If you’re want your special day to stand out with something new and different, a magician is a great solution.


    Your guests will remember the magical experience that you gave to them for a long time.

  3. It’s an ICE BREAKER

    Most guests at weddings are meeting for the first time. They can often form into small groups and some may find it harder to socialise with all the new people they’re suddenly meeting. But a magician’s performance will break down their inhibitions and provide an instant talking point.

  4. It’s FLEXIBLE

    As close-up magic doesn’t require a stage, the magician will mingle with the guests to entertain. This means that during down time in the program, such as during photos. cocktail hour or throughout dinner, your guests will still be entertained. What’s more, the magic will come to them!

  5. It provides GREAT PHOTOS

    What better snaps could you ask for than guests laughing or mouthed in amazement! Those memories will stay with them, but will also look great in your wedding album.

To discuss your wedding day with Tom or for ideas on how to make it a magical event, get in touch.

Tom Weil