3 tips for booking the best Wedding entertainment in Philippines

Following peek wedding season here in Manila, Philippines, I’m going to share a few top tips on booking entertainment for your special day. There are several things to consider to make sure you achieve the best results and I’ve noticed a few common traps that Manila brides fall into when planning their wedding.

Wedding Magician Alabang Country Club

1. The program is NOT everything

A lot of focus goes into the flow of the main program, and don’t get me wrong, it’s important and it can set your day apart. But there is a really important time that people neglect to consider before this even starts. That is the cocktail hour.

Cocktail hour a time where you can sometimes see a lot of very bored looking faces, on people patiently waiting for something to happen. It’s a time family and friends get to catch up, but as guests or arriving and especially if the entourage pictorials take longer than planned, this time can really drag for your guests.

Kickstart the party right during the cocktail hour and your guests will already be in the mood for a great evening. And I don’t mean that you should get them drunk!

This is the most common time I am booked to perform close-up magic. I mingle with the guests to make sure there are no bored faces. I casually introduce myself as they sip on their beverages and show them amazing illusions they will have never experienced before. This often continues as they start sitting down for dinner and await the arrival of the bride and groom.

2. What’s the purpose of the band?


It’s not a concert. It’s a social event. And the volume they play at during the meal should be appropriate for this. Too many times I’ve been to weddings where they are blasting at full volume making it totally impossible for your guests to talk at their tables. They get forced away to quieter areas of the venue to continue their conversations.

As a wedding magician, I’m also often performing through the meal, as tables are waiting to join the queue for the buffet, or before the bride and groom make their grand arrival. I am used to performing loudly at tables of 10-12 and being heard, but sometimes the guests can’t even hear the person sitting next to them.

An experienced band will read the room, and should know that they’re not there to hold the spotlight. They are providing an atmosphere, until it comes time for the dancing to start. Then by all means, they should certainly turn up to 11.

3. Can the program be more than just games?

Whilst a good wedding host makes games tailored to the personality of the couples, there are several options other than singers. It’s a go-to for many brides to book a musical act, but remember that unless they’re really performing something unique, it’s probably something that people have experienced before. There are some really unique entertainers around the Philippines. Recently I worked with an incredible and hilarious acrobat that will have your guests in stitches while performing death defying stunts.

As a Mind Reader I often perform my stage show as part of the main program. It’s fun, interactive and unique entertainment. I’m sometimes asked to combine this with hosting for the complete magical package.

If you’re looking for suggestions for bands, performers or other wedding suppliers, I’m happy to discuss your requirements. Just get in touch.

Tom Weil