Why should you hire a close-up magician?

In the Philippines it is not very common to see close-up magicians performing at events.

And that's one of the greatest reasons you should book one!

Close up magic is designed to be experienced by small groups, during a cocktail reception as guests mingle and chat, or perhaps in between courses of a meal as they sit around the table. It fits into both formal events, such as weddings, debuts or corporate launch parties, or informal house parties and social gatherings. 

I've been performing close up magic for over 15 years, sometimes for parties of 20 in a private room of a restaurant, or for groups of 300 over the course of an evening at a wedding. But why do people book me? 

Firstly, magic is a great ice breaker. As guests arrive at a reception it can be awkward until the party gets started. A magician is a perfect way to lower inhibitions without the need for alcohol and to create an instant talking point.

Secondly, it's memorable. Leave a lasting impression with your guests. Trust me that they'll want to Instagram the performances and share their experiences when a playing card magically changes in their own hands or a coin vanishes and reappears on their shoulder. 

Thirdly, it's wow factor. I've performed for Doctors and Rocket Scientists (yes really!) as well as celebrities and VIPs around the world and there's always one thing in common. The reactions. How would you react if you witness something that defies the laws of physics?

For a free consultation on how best to include close-up magic in your next event, or for a quote inquiry, get in touch.

Tom Weil