What does a close-up magician do at a trade show?

Having performed at trade shows for many years in the UK, there are some key benefits to having a close-up magician performing at your trade show booth. 

1. Be Unique & Stand Out

The first key benefit, is that a magician will make your exhibition space stand out from the crowd. It's something very differentness and will prove a valuable way to make delegates notice you above your competition.

2. Build A Crowd

By having unique entertainment on your booth, you'll be able to stop people who may not otherwise. And what's more, as the crowd builds, the effect compounds. With regular performances you can regularly build a crowd and pitch your company to the group.

3. Remain Memorable

Very few people have experienced close-up magic for themselves. And if you hire a good magician, they will provide your company the perfect opportunity to create a memorable experience that they will connect with your brand in the future. 

4. Brand Message

Magic is a new and different way to get your company message across. Tom can develop a bespoke effect to include your company giveaways or literature making it so much more valuable and memorable for your potential clients. 

To discuss how Tom can add magic to your upcoming trade show, get in touch.

Tom Weil