Close Up Magic

"It's like street magic, but at an event!"

Sometimes also known as table magic, mix & mingle or sleight of hand magic this style of performance allows people to experience the magic right in front of them and even in their own hands! No stage is required, the magician performs to groups as they drink during a cocktail reception or at their banquet table, in between courses of a meal.


Why & When should you book a close up magician?

Close up magic is great at all types of events from weddings and private parties to corporate events and launch parties.

The magician will strole around the guests showing amazing small scale illusions with cards, coins, pens and other small every-day objects. 

If there are moments of your event that may include 'down time' in the programme, such as during photo taking or as you wait for all the guests to arrive, a magician will not only break the ice, but will keep people entertained in style.

A good magician is not intrusive or pushy but will mingle with the guests and provide memorable moments of magic that your guests will remember for years to come.

Where will the magician perform?

As this style of performance doesn't happen on stage it can happen anywhere!

From banquet suits and restaurants as guests dine, to bars and cocktail receptions as guests chat.

The magician will introduce himself to groups and perform for 5-10 minutes. The recommended amount of time for a booking will depend on the number of guests, to ensure the magician can visit as many as possible during the time.

Drinks Reception Magician.jpg

Here's what it looks like...

For more videos of close up magic follow @tomweilmagician on Instagram.